Helma Design SL is a familiar company founded in 1986, Helma Design SL starts activity dedicated at a first moment to printings on infantile articles. Progressively it was extending the range of supplied services to satisfy the increasing demands of its clients.

Helma Design SL is composed by a team of enthusiastic people, with diversity of ideas and positive, optimistic and creative mentality, interested in improving professional and personally.

To achieve satisfied clients is our first goal and to achieve it, the sole way is to be useful for them. Quality, effectiveness and overall dedication and adaptation to the needs of our clients are our competitive advantages.

We pay important attention to advising and trusts. We are a quality and rapidity focus company and we are well known in our market by the sincerity our performances and the quality our products.

Helma Design SL is specialized in print servers by serigraphy, impression in 3D, impression in fantasy, impression by subliming, impression by flock, impression by laser and impression by vinyl. We work in almost all the types of possible materials.


Helma Design

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